Welcome to eStragy!

We were born with the mission of developing the maximum potential of each League of Legends player.

We want you to train, practice and enjoy improving your in-game performance.

Set your goals. Improve. Evolve.

What is eStragy?

eStragy is a virtual high-performance Platform for League of Legends accessible from any browser. Here, all players have a space to train their cognitive and technical skills through personalized training plans. We provide our users with specific High Intensity training rooms to challenge their abilities and take them to their highest level.

What do I get from eStragy?

You get a great time saving! With the use of eStragy our users notice a considerable improvement in their game in a short time.

When eStragy will be available?

We already are! After a few incredible months of closed beta, eStragy has been in open beta since September. This means that you can register on the platform whenever and however you want.

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