Welcome to eStragy

eStragy borns with the aim of developing the maximum potential of each Gamer

Our goal is to ensure that each player can compete at the highest level by spending some time to improve their skills

We want you to train, practice and enjoy improving your skills

Set your goals. Improve. Evolve

What is eStragy?

eStragy is a web platform, available for any browser and mobile device, where Gamers have the posibility to train their cognitive and technical skills through personalized training plans. Within eStragy, we provide our users with dedicated High Intensity training rooms to challenge their capabilities and take them to their highest level.

What do I get from eStragy?

Saving time improving your skills and performance against practicing without any specific goals. In a short time you will notice the improvement and you will enhance your ranking.

When eStragy will be available?

We are working on eStragy to let you enjoy it as soon as possible. The development of such platform is very complex and we are doing our best to build it focusing on your best user experience and productivity. We will keep you updated about our progress and soon you will enjoying a revolutionary training experience for League of Legends. Meanwhile, press the button below to keep in contact and be one of the first ones that will enjoy this experience.