What think our users?

“It helps increase your game skills in many ways while having fun.”

What think our users?

“This platform is a way to relieve stress in the game while improving your mind and skills.”

What think our users?

“Trying to quickly improve things like prediction, anticipation, response time, etc. can be frustrating, but eStragy training makes it look fun.”

What think our users?

“The eStragy Program helps you in your day to day, and that is reflected in video games.”

What think our users?

“The application is quite intuitive to use. It is also visually beautiful.”

What think our users?

“The minigames feel useful and I have noticed an improvement in my cognitive skills.”

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The first virtual high-performance platform for League of Legends

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Personalized trainings with continuous monitoring of your statistics and capacities.

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Check your statistics and progress

All your relevant League of Legends stats at a glance. Continuous monitoring of your indicators and capabilities.

High performance programs


At your disposal personalized training plans.

Oriented to improve the skills you need.

Adapted to the level of demand necessary to lead you to victory.

Effective training


Improve your skill from the game following the progressive trainings.

Use our rooms to improve the specific cognitive skills, developed to bring out the best version of yourself.

How is your eStum© training?

Our revolutionary system is designed to develop your full potential as a Gamer.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, our algorithms will evaluate your strengths and improvement areas, and will propose a personalised training plan that enhances your capabilities.

  Personalised. Custom-made

  Specific. Focused on your skills to improve

  Evolutionary. Prepared for progress in your skills

  High perfomance. Ready to reach your limits

  Optimal. Train what you need

Are you ready to be an eStum Gamer?

Coming soon


  • Mobile app.

  • Evolution of Winrate and ELO in your panel.

  • Supervised training inside League of Legends.

  • And much more…


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